• The Ultimate In Custom Saddles

    Jeremy Rudge Saddlery is a unique saddlery, in that they have done away with the concept of models. They allow you to choose the correct tree and panel for your horse and then every other aspect is chosen by the rider. This includes: knee and thigh blocks, seat shape, cantle, flap position, leather combinations, and billet type.

It is imperative that the shape of the tree matches not only your horse’s tree point or shoulder angle; but also that it matches the shape of your horse’s top line. Many companies rely on one tree shape for all horses, and sometimes even one tree size! This often causes instability or pressure points in the saddle, and ultimately pain and lack of performance. This is why we have several types of trees available in all disciplines, so that no matter your horse’s shape and what type of riding you do, there is a saddle that will work for your horse.


Jeremy Rudge – Tree Options

  • Flight Tree

    The Flight Tree is fantastic for horses needing an A-frame in front. It has a long balance point and a slight angle to the back of the saddle. This saddle offers great support to withers, and to a moderately angled lower back.
  • Fusion Tree

    The Fusion tree is fantastic for horse's that are broader through the base of the wither. It then allows for an angle up to the croup, as well as a broad lower back. This tree is perfect for the hardest to fit horses.
  • Remy Tree

    The Remy tree allows for a horse that is broader through the wither, as well as the lower back. This tree has a straighter angle, great for the short coupled warmblood.
  • Panel Options

    Custom Gusset

    Gussets are one of the most useful tools for the modern horse. These allow us to fill in wither pockets perfectly, and adjust the balance of the saddle for different top lines.

  • Short Panel

    Many horses are short backed, and this can making finding the right saddle very difficult. Although it is important to be in proportion to your horse, sometimes the rider needs a slightly longer seat than the horse's back can allow. If we can build the saddle on a shorter panel can help alleviate this issue.*

    Panel Options
  • Drop/Trapezius Panel

    A Drop or Trapezius panel allows us to add extra room for those horses who need a bit of support below the wither. This gives us additional surface area and support to the saddle.

    Panel Options
  • Panel Options

    K Panel

    The K Panel is great for those horses with a shark fin type wither. By adding extra depth to the front third of the panel, the K panel helps support this area and reduce the amount of re-flocking needed.

  • Upswept Panel

    The Upswept Panel allows us to curve the back of panel, suiting a shorter curvier back.

    Panel Options