Assessments for Any Saddle

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  • Whether it's old or new we are happy to do a full assessment of any type or brand of saddle. Our focus is your horse's comfort, s owe don't even bring our own saddles to an assessment unless you ask us to. We walk you through our six basic steps, so that you have your own understanding of what does or does not work for your horse.

Re-flocking and Conversions

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  • Saddles need regular maintenance, just like your car. We re-flock any brand or model, and we also offer complete strip flockings if your wool has worn out or gotten hard. Have a CAIR of FLAIR panel? Not to worry, we replace these with wool to improve the fit of your saddle. Conversions are also available for approved foam saddles.

Educational Clinics & Workshops

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  • Education is why we got into our line of work. We love to share our knowledge and debunk any of the many myths out there. Our clinics can be customized to different age groups, disciplines and equine experience.
On-Site Re-flocking
Custom Adjustment to Your Horse Done On-Site
Per Saddle
Panel Conversion
Converting a FLAIR, CAIR, or Foam* Saddle to Wool
Per Saddle

*Foam Saddles on Approval Additional Charges May Apply

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