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We may look like a saddle company, but we really sell horse health. Horses were the inspiration for Equine Balance Saddles.  After years of watching horses struggle with ill fitting tack, and the multiple secondary lamenesses and issues that go along with it, we decided there had to be another way.  Our founder, Katherine Penner, began her career as an equine therapist, graduating top of her class at one of the longest and most intensive programs in the country.  After years of working with lame, or 'just not quite right' horses, saddle fit was more often the culprit than not.  After seeing the dismal options in the area, she decided that equestrians needed access to saddles that were made to fit.  Now, every one of our manufacturers must meet strict requirements in terms of fit options and quality.  If you want to join our team of Balanced Riders, click blow to make an appointment.

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