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Whether you need an assessment, a re-flocking, or are ready to look for a new saddle.  EBS is your only source for independent, honest, saddle work and sales.  Your horse’s comfort and soundness is our first priority, you won’t find any sales reps here, only independently educated, certified fitters.  But don’t take our word for it, we pride ourselves on educating all of our customers on the premise and basics of saddle fit, so you can see what works for your horse.

So give us a shout to make an appointment, set up an educational clinic at your barn, or to work with us online for long distance customers.

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  • Honest Assessment

    We believe honesty is always the best policy. This is why we take you through a step by step assessment, so that you not only know, but understand what does or doesn't work.
  • Thorough Re-flocking

    Our horses change shape constantly. Whether it is just a minor adjustment, or a complete stripping of the panels, we fit the saddle exactly to your horse's changing shape, to keep him as comfortable as he can be.
  • Truly Custom Saddles

    Our horses are athletes, and if their equipment doesn't fit they can't perform. The term 'Custom Saddle' gets thrown around a lot. At EBS we choose the tree shape, width, gussets, panel seat, flap, and many other aspects to make your saddle truly tailored-made for you.
  • After many years riding in improperly fit saddles for my horse and myself I recently purchased a custom Black Country Jump Saddle from Equine Balance Saddles. Katherine Penner spent hours finding the right model to suit us then carefully taking measurements to form fit our new saddle to my horse and myself. I love my saddle and so does my horse. No more back issues! Beautiful handmade saddle made in England. Top grain leathers and adjustable wool flocking. Katherine came out after I broke it in and carefully re-flocked after initial flocking settles. This saddle ended up costing less than a lot of high-end non-custom saddles. I couldn't be happier!

    Denise TaylorBlack Country Owner
  • In 2011, my pony sustained a field injury and was off for months. Although a variety of vets and chiropractors had been unable to identify the issue, as soon as I saw Katherine working with a horse at another barn, I could see that she had phenomenal feel and wanted her to look at Finn. After a few bodywork sessions Finn was back in training, and after each session Finn and I felt like we were riding through clouds. Finn is a Welsh Cob, so his wide, short back combined with his sensitivity about saddle fit makes him a difficult horse to fit, but Katherine’s knowledge of the equine body allowed her to find a saddle that fit both Finn and I perfectly. In addition to being beautifully made, the saddles Katherine carries are so fashion-forward, coming in a variety of stunning leather colours and fun accents like cantles with alligator skin print or an image printed onto it. Katherine is very focussed on rider education and gives detailed explanations while she is fitting a saddle. My favourite part about working with Katherine has been her ability to give me feedback on Fiann’s muscle development and to promote even muscle development through bodywork and correct saddle fit and by giving me different exercises I can do under saddle and I can do with Fiann after a ride. It is evident that Katherine’s goal is always to improve the life of the horse by making him or her as comfortable as possible and through rider education. Katherine always puts in 100% and I can’t imagine working Fiann without her!

    Tegan SamijaSaddle Fit & Bodywork Client
  • Katherine has been absolutely instrumental in helping me get to the bottom of various elusive issues with my rather sensitive and complicated horse. Firstly in the body work department (he absolutely adores her), and now in the saddle department, where she now seems to have found exactly what will make him happy and willing to work. It is so nice to deal with a saddle fitter who is first and foremost an equestrian, as well as an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable physical therapist. I don't know what we would have done without Katherine.

    Pam WhiteLoxley by Bliss Owner & Bodywork Client
  • I can't say enough good things about Katherine. She takes the time to ensure my horse is comfortable and my saddle fits HIM. I am so thrilled with the outcome and the performance of my horse when she works with my saddle. Thank you for always being professional, and taking the time to ensure we are ALL happy!

    Alanna ChaudhryBlack Country Owner